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From: Ron7774 DelphiPlus Member Icon6/25/14 12:03 PM 
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Well I am seriously thinking of sending my ECU to Ivan to have it reflashed.  Has anyone done this yet on here?  Pro's....con's.

I would like to get some feedback, or even just,   general talk on the matter.


From: John (jberenyi)6/25/14 12:18 PM 
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I have.  It arrives today but everyone I know who has had it done says its fantastic.  No cons have ever been mentioned.  Pricey yes but well worth the money.  No one has had regrets and I probably won't either.  Many have sold their fuel programmers to make up for the flash cost and don't have any desire to buy one later.  It's that good.  Everyone has said it is not a subtle change.  It will be like a new bike. I will know today :)


From: Ron7774 DelphiPlus Member Icon6/25/14 1:03 PM 
To: John (jberenyi)  (3 of 215) 
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That's great news J,  I will be sending mine out Monday morning and he said I might have it back by Friday.  How long did it take you to get your?

When I talked with him he said the best way to have it is with a fuel possessor, but I have the Patrick air kit and the V&H 2 into 1 full exhaust.  He also said if there are any tweaks he has to make he can make them and send them in a map which makes it easier for him as we wouldn't have to send back the ECU.  

You may want to talk to your friends and tell them to call Ivan first before selling their processors.

I'm am so looking forward to this as I have been shifting around the backfiring since I bought the bike in 07.   If you go out this week can you let me know how everything works out?

Thanks, ride safe. 


From: Route6T66/25/14 1:41 PM 
To: Ron7774 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 215) 
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I've been thinking of doing the same thing, selling my Cobra Autotune processor, and going back to my old PCIII controller(which I already have) for the Map tweaking.  May eventually go to a PCV autotune setup - but the Flash and the PCV would add up to major bucks! 
   If you haven't already, you can read all about what others have to say about Ivan's flash at the following links:
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Ivan's Website

I don't have any special interest here except to get the facts out to those who might be interested - I was skeptical in the beginning but have been slowly convinced that the end result is your bike will run the way it should have from the factory.  One of the major things it addresses (Ivan's Flash) is the jerkiness of engine braking and 'backing off -and-on throttle' in lower gears.  It has been said by those who've had it done, that it is completely smoothed out with the flash and Ivan explains why in detail on his website.  This would be a major improvement, as I find it very annoying having to constantly slip the clutch and carefully reapply power in that situation to keep it smooth.  I had always attributed it to the belt drive, but Ivan, and others who've had it done, claim it is completely smoothed out by the 'flash'.
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From: John (jberenyi)6/25/14 2:09 PM 
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I sent mine out last week on Monday.  I'm getting it today but I live in Utah and he is in New York.  I will give a report after I have had my way with her :)


PS.  I'm with you on the backfiring issue.  I frankly got sick and tired of it and said "I gotta do it!"

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From: Starider113 (I_Romanus)6/25/14 2:51 PM 
To: Ron7774 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 215) 
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I'm thinking to do that too Ron but I don't have and don't want to use a fuel management system other than stock. I will consider doing an air-box mod but I'm wanting to leave the exhaust alone. I'm not looking to get a big increase in horsepower but I would like it to run smoother. I just spoke to someone there (Ivan?) to ask what was needed and he said it will be better with fuel management but its not necessary. I'm getting a TB sync next week and we'll see how that goes after its done.



From: Ron7774 DelphiPlus Member Icon6/25/14 6:00 PM 
To: Starider113 (I_Romanus)  (7 of 215) 
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Hi Danny, you don't need a fuel processor, but you should do the air before sending out the ECU, he will ask what mods you have done before reflashing.  I have to do a TBS as well, but I'll wait until I clean my filters again.  The big part isn't, from what I read a huge difference in HP as in smoothness, NO POPPING, a higher redline, and a more comfortable highway ride.  This is another guy that just had it done, here is his post.

Thomas Smith After 300 miles yesterday with the new ecu. All I can say is fck wow. No poping what so ever. And I tried to get it to. Then there's the preformance upgrades. Got better millage even with playing around seeing how much power she has now. The raised rev limiter is very nice doesnt seem like I run out of gears so quick. Now I need to upgrade the clutch so it will really hook and go

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From: tnjcala6/25/14 6:17 PM 
To: Ron7774 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 215) 
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I posted on the older thread 28670.1 after having the reflashed ECU after a couple of days. I have now put 5000 miles on the reflash and it is still everything Ivan said it would be. Best mod for these bikes, ever. I am still using the Cobra Power Pro CVT, the stock air box and a Roadhouse slip on. I am averaging 42 MPG riding freeways at 75 to 80 MPH. I have gotten up 49 MPG on back roads.

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From: rcdodge776/25/14 6:26 PM 
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Hey guys, i don't post here very often, but i wanted to add my 2 cents on the ECU mod.  

I started a thread about this on the stratolinerdeluxe forum.  

I am a engine tuner for a Nascar team, and work on EFI for a living, and i was extremely excited when i stumbled across information about Ivan.  I called him the next day and had a great conversation with him.  He is extremely knowledgeable and knows more about EFI on the Stratoliner than probably anyone.  I tried to take the lead on this mod because i felt like with my knowledge of EFI tuning i would be able to tell pretty early if this mod was the real deal or not. It is definitely not easy to hack into a stock ECU, retrieve the code, rewrite the code and send it back to the ECU. I stayed in contact with Ivan, and when he had the reflash ready, i was the first (Along with Dgunner) to have this done.  I have almost 5000 miles on it now and couldn't be happier.  

You will absolutely receive all of the benefits that Ivan states on his website.  It is worth the money just to get rid of the decal fuel cut.  You will no longer have any decal popping after this mod.  Guaranteed...  The engine is also so much smoother at low throttle openings, and the engine braking is noticeably reduced.  A little more power up top too.  I have worked on his fuel map, and tweaked it for fuel mileage and i consistently get 40-42 MPG.  I have got as high as 47 MPG while cruising in the mountains.  Hope this helps with your decision!!!!




From: Ron7774 DelphiPlus Member Icon6/25/14 6:27 PM 
To: tnjcala  (10 of 215) 
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It seems all I hear on different forums is good news.  Thanks for the input!


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