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From: Roccob112/29/14 10:26 PM 
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What are good options to buy parts online other than YSP? No issues with YSP, just trying to understand other options for price and shipping comparison. Once we have a list can that be added to Wiki also? I think RW (if I remember correctly) recently mentioned a seller in Texas or on the East coast. I could not find that post by searching.

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From: Rick Johnson (RickJohnson1)12/30/14 12:03 AM 
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I've always had good luck with Dennis Kirk.


From: KenBerry12/30/14 12:58 AM 
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I can't remember the name of the Yamaha dealer in TX but (aka for the east coast. 

I still order from YSP fairly often because they either come in cheaper or because they have the part and nobody else seems to. 


From: KenBerry12/30/14 1:12 AM 
To: Rick Johnson (RickJohnson1)  (4 of 35) 
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Parts and accessories are generally two different things.  DK has plenty of aftermarket accessories but when it comes to "parts" they are not a Yamaha dealer.


From: RW (VTwinNut) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/30/14 1:50 AM 
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YSP aka Yamaha Sports Plaza on the west coast.

Stadium Yamaha in Texas for the central folks. or their sister site Partzilla

I also have a MrCycles listed in NC.

You can go to any dealers site or even Star Motorcycles and get the part numbers.

Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza has some good deals also.

Once you have the part numbers input them into Google and price search.

Some members have even had their local dealers price match the best online listings.


From: Roccob112/30/14 10:02 AM 
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Thank you all for the inputs.


From: IemSipowits12/30/14 1:40 PM 
To: Roccob1  (7 of 35) 
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Partzilla.  Had an accident and rolled my Deluxe in November.  Fairing and all related parts showed up Christmas eve. Putting it back together as I write this.  Hope to ride into the New year, albeit 7 broken ribs. It's all good.  They were fast, efficient, and paid the shipping..


From: ralphinstine DelphiPlus Member Icon12/31/14 12:22 AM 
To: Roccob1  (8 of 35) 
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ANOTHER OEM parts place is and



From: Erbman02 DelphiPlus Member Icon12/31/14 7:41 AM 
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I see a lot of the major discounters have been mentioned already.  Have you asked your local dealer to price match or at least some kind of discount?  I have 1 dealer who has me in the system for 15% off on everything except labor (85.00)  Another dealer I have to ask all the time, usually either 15 or 20% off I'll get.  Tires at either have been lower than any net price I can find, my last battery was 8.00 more than best net price, but should it fail, I'm only down 1/2hr, the time it takes to get there and back. 
The 1 dealer in Tampa usually has the obscure parts in stock too, where most dealers have to order them.  I needed the repair kit for the saddlebag locks last month, in stock, the clip for the front caliper, in stock.  I guess living down here does have it's advantages, 5 Yamaha dealers with-in 35 miles, I can't even begin to count the number of independents.

From: slim32012/31/14 9:35 AM 
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Not sure if it was mentioned already, but in NC really hooked me up when I was buying replacement parts after my wreck.


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