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From: eburr20012/3/15 9:35 AM 
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I buy and service a lot of bikes, and have never seen before the types of fuel problems I am now encountering from people leaving untreated (un-stabilized)  ethanol gas in their tank for extended periods. Untreated, it has a very short tank life, experiences "phase separation" in about three months, then burns poorly and the alcohol content corrodes and clogs the carb jets and injectors. This isn't my opinion either....it is a fact that you can research all over the web on many professional repair forums. Untreated ethanol gas left in your bike, ATV, mower, weedeater, rototiller, tractor,  occasional driver car etc. will cause problems, and generally sooner rather than later now, often requiring a complete carb overhaul and/or system cleaning. And "starting the bike every few weeks" may help a little, but it doesn't address the root problem....your gas now goes bad quickly, can easily clog things up and cause numerous running problems

I personally use either Startron, Stabil for Ethanol or Lucas stabilizer in every tank full, and the add Lucas fuel injection cleaner (condensed cleaner) in the recommended dosage in every other tank to keep things clean. If you can find non-ethanol (recreational gas) anywhere locally, that is the way to go, especially during winter lay-up. Once the gas has turned, usually int three months, you should drain and refill with the above mixture or maybe B12 Chemtool instead of the Lucas injection cleaner, and do this for a coupe of tank fulls. Ethanol isn't your friend and a new routine for gas treatment in our bikes is now required.  

When I am buying bikes, my first question is: have you been using fuel system stabilizer, and if so what kind?  Next, do you keep your bike on a tender? Third, has your bike stored dry and indoors? No stabilizer is worse than the wrong stabilizer (wrong is like Marvel Mystery Oil or conventional Sta-bil that won't treat ethanol). A bike stored without being on a tender will have a battery life of only 1-2 years, on a tender, almost indefinitely. A bike stored outdoors, even under a cover will (generally) experience much more rust, corrosion, oxidation and deterioration. As a buyer, I make deductions for all of these things.   

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From: Route6T62/3/15 1:47 PM 
To: eburr2001  (2 of 7) 
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I wanted to add that my favorite treatments are StarTron for fuel treatment, and Techron for fuel SYSTEM and engine cleaning (internal of course!)  And also recommended for engine cleaning is Yamaha Engine Med Rx (formerly Yamaha Ring Free)-see more info here>29156.1.   Said by some to be a combination of StarTron and Techron - or very similar to that. There has been quite a bit of discussion on the forums regarding a shock treatment with this product that is supposed to help clean carbon out of the engine from rings and valves, and regular treatments to keep it clean.
P.S. Also added link to the Wiki for this discussion.
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From: eburr20012/3/15 2:56 PM 
To: Route6T6  (3 of 7) 
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Oops, you are right-I meant "Startron" above (Starbrite is the manufacturer, and Startron is the product), and changed the above post accordingly. Techron is also  great product and I have also used it for years. The point is, whatever brand you use, stabilize ethanol fuel (I do it now with most every tank full) and use a system cleaner such as Techron, Lucas injection cleaner, B12 Chemtool, Seafoam, Yamaha Engine Med RX etc. on a regular basis. Ethanol fuel craps up occasional/seasonal  use products for sure. 

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From: Route6T62/3/15 5:32 PM 
To: eburr2001  (4 of 7) 
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I also meant to point out that none of the products make ethanol 100% stable, some work better than others, but that stuff ethanol continues to degrade, deteriorate, and phase separate.  So don't just treat your fuel and think "no problem" till next Spring.  I still go out and start the bike occasionally, warm it up enough to evaporate the moisture out of the oil, top off the fuel tank to keep the air void minimal to help prevent moisture collection from humidity. And has been pointed out, if stored for extended periods more than 3 months with the same tank of gas, might be best to drain and replace.  Don't throw it away - start the grill with it, degrease parts, etc.  Even pure gas is no gurantee of stability - it deteriorates too- use stabilizer with it as well.

From: eburr20012/3/15 5:36 PM 
To: Route6T6  (5 of 7) 
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Agreed 100%.

From: BigFuji2/13/15 1:59 PM 
To: eburr2001  (6 of 7) 
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Testify Brother! Yes I agree with what eburr2001 states 100%. I worked for Honda Polaris Yamaha Suszuki Dealerships. Started in Service and ended in Sales. There is a reason gas is so bad right now. I live in Michigan and we have stickers on the pumps that state up to 10% ethanol. For many years the actual reading on this ethanol was 2-3%. Now we are producing more corn fuel (ethanol) and we are trying to reduce the amount of gasoline we use as a nation. So now the actual reading is 7-9%, more than double the ethanol 2-3 years ago. They are maxing out the amount of ethanol in fuel. Nothing we can do about it. Fortunately there are products like Star-Tron and Sea Foam out there. Imagine owning a boat with 500 plus gallons of gas in it!

I would like to add one thing. Always use as directed. Depending on the product too much can be just as bad as not using it at all. Follow the dosage recommendations, it will save you money and keep you on the road.

Peace, BigFuji


From: JBRIDER1132/14/15 9:09 AM 
To: BigFuji  (7 of 7) 
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imagine owning two boats! LOL

I have been using StarTron for about 6 years now in our boats. We use it in EVERY gallon. it DOES work.

I use Seafoam every now and then, but use if for different reasons in our boats. 

StarTron is also a product that I use in EVERY gallon of gas around my home for everything except my cars, which include gas for Weed Wackers, Mowers, Chainsaws, the Roadliner, etc.

I buy StarTron in the Gallon jugs, (get it from my Marina Parts guy)


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