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From: 66MiamiNut2/23/15 11:41 AM 
To: RW (VTwinNut) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 20) 
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Thanks, BTW what threadlock do you use on your fasteners, Red or Blue?


From: eburr20012/23/15 12:24 PM 
To: 66MiamiNut  (4 of 20) 
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You didn't ask me, but I'll reply anyhow: Loctite blue is usually used on on threaded parts that you plan to disassemble at some point in the future using ordinary hand tools. Examples on bikes are just about everything that may loosen due to vibration, with the exception of that darn pulley nut on our bikes that is also prone to loosening (Red on that puppy). Depending on the size and grade of the nut and bolt, Loctite red has super holding power, and may require heating to effectively remove, if ever.  Oh, and  I hate it when people use the wrong product for the application!

Ex: this weekend I picked up an "overly customized" M50 Suzuki Boulevard where the prior owner had used Loctite red on the wrong parts. While taking off the ugly aftermarket mirrors (some chromed pot metal, inferior pieces of poop)  I began working the attaching studs out  when the left one snapped off flush in the clutch perch. S#@t! I could now see, on closer inspection, that the prior owner had used Loctite red on the threads...Ugh! No great loss though, as the mirrors mere really ugly, the clutch lever was damaged and required replacement anyhow, and a used manual clutch lever assembly (inc. perch) for this bike was only $10.00 shipped.  If it would have happened on the hydraulic brake master cylinder side I would have lost a good deal  of my profit on the bike, or been forced to drill the stud out and hope I didn't mangle the threads in the process  Most nuts and bolts on our bikes are lighter duty, certainly not "grade 8" and Loctite red is just the wrong product for most of the fasteners I have found. When in doubt, the factory service manual normally gives info on the right thread locker type by fastener application.

In the absence of other information, just ask yourself if you will need to remove the part in the foreseeable future using hand tools. If the answer is yes, Blue is the choice. If you answer no and really need it locked in there, go red. But plan to use heat whenever you go to remove.

PS: Not being snarky but I have been forced to use more Loctite red on certain Harley parts than I really wanted too, due to excessive vibration and fasteners falling out otherwise. Luckily HD tends to use a better grade of fastener that holds up to heavier wrenching that most Japanese bikes IMHO.


From: eburr20012/23/15 12:32 PM 
To: All  (5 of 20) 
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Here is the definitive motorcycle application chart from the manufacturer of Loctite! (I must have way too much time on my hands).



From: RW (VTwinNut) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/23/15 12:53 PM 
To: 66MiamiNut  (6 of 20) 
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As eburr2001 stated it depends on the fastener.

The factory uses RED on the riser bolts and rotor bolts for sure.

Most everything else is BLUE.

My son recently gave me some gel Loctite in small tubes like Chapstick.

It's great as it won't dry out as fast or run all over the place like those little tubes.

It's listed under Industrial products: Threadlocker Sticks

I also got a stick of Anti-Seize.


From: eburr20012/23/15 1:24 PM 
To: RW (VTwinNut) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 20) 
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Yep, I have darn near herniated myself trying to loosen the bar riser bolts before. When I put them back though, I go Loctite blue 243, as I like to take them off periodically. I like those sticks! Great idea, as the stuff is kind of messy otherwise.


From: 66MiamiNut2/23/15 2:30 PM 
To: All  (8 of 20) 
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Thanks everyone, I've used the wrong product on my accessories (red). Will use blue from now on.




From: eburr20012/23/15 6:58 PM 
To: 66MiamiNut  (9 of 20) 
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Good idea. Nothing more frustrating than breaking bolts off unnecessarily due to the wrong type of thread locker used, or from someone using the wrong type/grade of bolt!

Oh and BTW, a lots of people also don't realize that stainless steel bolts, especially metric sizes are significantly softer/weaker than chromed carbon steel in most cases.  http://www.k-tbolt.com/bolt_chart.html    They may not rust like carbon steel, but they can easily break from too much toque.   


From: nine (nine49a)2/28/15 5:06 PM 
To: eburr2001  (10 of 20) 
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What type of Loctite red or blue do you recommend for the drive pulley nut that has been known to come loose? The service manual doesn't recommend neither. Some members have used red , blue, drilled and staked and wired with safety wire? 

What would your suggestion be for this item?



From: eburr20012/28/15 5:11 PM 
To: nine (nine49a)  (11 of 20) 
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Factory issue in the first place. Re torque to specs and stake properly. Then I coat the remaining threads up to the nut with high strength red. My tube says 27103

From: nine (nine49a)2/28/15 5:31 PM 
To: eburr2001  (12 of 20) 
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thanks for the quick response.



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