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Monday, September 13th - To Do

Started Sep-13 by scapermom; 95 views.

From: scapermom


Starting with a list?

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From: scapermom


Sitting and enjoying morning coffee. Slept like crap last night. My eyes are so bloodshot. Tooth that recently  got capped started bothering me on Saturday. Woke up several times last night from tooth pain and just regular night sweats and bathroom visit. Also heard DHs alarm. Twice. Shouldn’t have canceled the endontist appointment after all? Ugh Going to call them and my dentist this morning. Maybe things have calmed down and I’ll be able to get in to see the endo sooner than a month away? For now sensodyne toothpaste and Advil are helping. Oh and not chewing on that side. 

Have weekly home blessing along with morning routine. Dogs done, linens & bed sheets removed, kitchen table and island sanitized. Laundry tbd. I’ll catch flylady show at 11 to finish the tasks 

Need cvs run

Have to check the meal plan for this week to see if I’ve got what I need or at least can improvise from what I’ve got.

Thinking some old school floor exercises will be all I can muster today. Maybe a plank while down there?

So just checked 30 day melt plan and tonight is sea bass baked with lime. I’ve got cod so I’ll sub that. I have limes but no capers. It’ ll work.


From: friedchickn


It's a beautiful crisp morning.  I'm sore (why?) and exhausted (2 rough windy nights on the boat).  But hey, I'm home and i've got stuff to do so....

Breakfast done, boat dishes soaking...some of those suckers are a wee bit gross, lol.  

Did week money distribution, stopped at the farm and got my goat yogurt and a few things to tide us over, emptied the dishwasher, did cat litter and pulled the sour dough starter out to get that going.

No clue on dinner....sourdough pizza?

Workout later, plank and some GHD.

piano lesson at 2

Laundry...washed it last night when we got back, just need a fluff and fold

water plants

read 1 chapter

bills, receipts and emails....oh my

That'll about do it.