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Wednesday, September 15th - To Do

Started Sep-15 by scapermom; 171 views.
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From: scapermom


This morning I’m helping DH organize and get all the stuff he’s bringing DD into the car. I have a list of restaurants I’ll send links to DD because he’s going to make her choose. He’ll probably stay through breakfast tomorrow.

I’ve also got the dog done. Laundry & kitchen can wait. Think we may walk the dog before dh heads out.

I plan to get to Petco and Whole Foods today. So have to take the grandpa car on errands. 

Bought myself a new fun Autumn color nail-polish so I’ll do a manicure at some point.

Just got a notice that a new 15 minute walk at home video is available so I’ll do that for exercise.

its wednesday so bills, filing & receipts to do

I’ll pick up something to eat for dinner in Whole Foods for myself I guess, if not there are leftovers.


From: friedchickn


ohhhhh what color nail polish?????

My favorite polish is getting chunky, I'm going to try and resurrect it.


From: friedchickn


Dh has his follow-up in Portland today so I have the house to myself for awhile.  It feels amazing!!!!  Not that I'm doing anything exciting....laundry and some cleaning.

Lunch with the ladies this afternoon.

Need to do  dump run too.  That's about the only task I have to do.  And even that....there's not alot out there, so I may skip it.  

piano practice

Might skip the crossfit workout and just do a romwod...I'm sooooo sore.  

Dh got paid.  So bills

Called GG.  He was on his way out.  So that totally counts.

Dog bowls....might toss em in teh dishwasher and kill 2 birds with one stone

Load of laundry in

Need to find my bottle of teak oil (or order one), schedule my med card appt ( I expire at the end of the month) and fill out the Homestead Exemption form for the state of Maine....might get some tax relief, who knew.

Dinner out tonight, so I'd better be good at lunch.


From: scapermom


It’s called Tango Star by Pop-arazzi- got at CVS on sale with an online coupon. Bought an orange-ish Halloween color for Dd and a metallic fall orange color for me! Not sure if I’ll do my toes with it too


From: friedchickn


Oooffff  Orange?!?