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Thursday, September 16th -To Do

Started Sep-16 by friedchickn; 105 views.
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From: friedchickn


Already stopped at the town hall to drop off the homestead exemption form....friends of ours saved $2k on property what the hell.  Let's give that a whirl.

Stopped at the PO (nothing) and picked up a new spray nozzle for the hose.

All meals shall come from the fridge today....LOL.  Yeah it's that bad.

I do need to make a list of what I need for dinner on Friday at the marina....making roast beef sliders and potato salad.  We aren't leaving here til 4, so I have plenty of time to do most of the prep tomorrow.  Might make the potato salad today.

Promised the dog a LONG walk today.  Have yoga tonight.  

piano practice

Been cleaning sinks as I toilets need doing.

Med card facetime at 11.

Want to move the plugs around under my desk so that means powering everything down.  I'll do that after the interview.

And that's about it....should be a quiet day.


From: scapermom


Yes, NJ has a homestead tax thing too. We got back some $ this year for some unknown reason, or it could even be for a past year the way that things run here, no idea?

Thanks for posting. Fairly quiet day here too. I slept in a bit then have been on & off texting with DD & DH. He took her out to breakfast and now they are cruising around the area. It’s only the 2nd time since she’s been there that she’s actually in town. 

Getting the basics done slowly. Need to put mail out before the mail truck comes.

Just did that, and put up laundry, now back and made breakfast/brunch for myself. Scrambled egg, bacon on an almond flour tortilla.

just got text that DH will be dropping DD back at school and heading back home shortly. 

Have some piles to attend to. Also some cleanup in the front of the house. Lots of dropped pine cones and mushrooms are popping up faster than I can get rid of them! I really should hose off, dry then pack up and put away the ‘pool’ i got for the dog.

Think I’ll do 10 minutes on the bike and maybe some arm work for exercise.

No idea about dinner. Going to rummage through the freezer now. I kind of fell off the 30 day plan. 

Oh, finally got to finish Gunpowder Milkshake - do not recommend. It’s kind of John Wick without Keanu - mostly female cast which I do respect, but the writing is sub par in my opinion, very predictable and violent. I guess if you want something mindless but bloody to watch this is for you? Oh well