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Friday, September 17th - To Do

Started Sep-17 by scapermom; 82 views.
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From: scapermom


Finally made my way over here! Most of the morning chores are done, just need to flip laundry. Kitchen is always a work in progress.

never made it to petco this week so maybe today?

still have a stack or 2 to get thru

its raining and I’m feeling it in my bones, so maybe some yoga to relieve the pain?

dh left to go take his mom to an appointment and shopping, so enjoying the solitude

My car now has a crack in the windshield after DH’s trek to visit DD so we’re going to have to get that fixed now

Going to look for a book to read

No CSA delivery this week due to the freaky windstorm we had the other night. I have some frozen broccoli to make and a few potatoes left so we are good for dinner. Not sure what I’m making for main though. Will pick something out in my travels i guess since whats in my freezer is not inspiring me. Either that or see if DH wants to eat out/take out.