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Thursday, October 7th - To Do

Started Oct-7 by scapermom; 111 views.
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From: scapermom


I got an out of whack day - went back to bed at 6 since it was too early, but in retrospect an early start would have been good. 

Just having breakfast now (had forethought to make myself overnight oats last night and thanking me for it now! Lol) 

DH left before I got up to go tend to his parents. I’ve been debating pitching in to help out a day or 2. He & his sister are getting run ragged with it. It is so draining mentally and physically. His sister mentioned an aide but they of course are fighting that.

Dogs done, laundry’s going. Spent a lot of the morning looking for the online access to the panels for NYCC that started today. I believe I figured it out. I watched one on some new books coming out while doing chores to test it. Now I just have to find out when the real ones I want to see are available.

Mail truck came early, so I missed putting out the piece I have, so that gets pushed to tomorrow.

Have filing & receipts still to deal with from yesterday’s tasks. This will count for today’s paper clutter mission.

Today’s zone mission - we are in the kitchen 

Need to do digital coupons 

Interspersed through the day I’ll be watching/listening to various panels. 

TOnights dinner is easy Eggroll in a bowl 


From: friedchickn


When you roll over before the just get the F up.  And so started my day.

No cool critters in the yard, foggy as no cool sunrise.  We did almost hit a massive moose on the highway there's that I guess.

GG's house has been picked over by vultures...or 1 vulture.  It's a wreck.  We are getting a dumpster delivered.  A service is packing up all his personal items.  The furniture is getting sold to a wholesale broker for pennies.  Then a cleaning crew is coming in to scrub the place down....everything is sticky.  EVERYTHING.

One car is sold...$3K, it barely started, stunk of animal and left a blue cloud.  The other, the brother's a POS whatever.  Dh sent him the keys and signed over the title.

Hoping to be able to list in the next week or so.

Of course on the way home....dh's phone starts to blow up.  First it's the "caregiver"..."what's going on", "where is the car", etc etc.  Then it's the brother....same stuff.  Then it's the nursing home....they both fired GG up and they had to sedate him.  Great job everyone!!!!

So...dh is beside himself....told him he just needs to press forward.  This is what has to happen.  This whole process has been so damn draining

I'm taking a bit of time to sit and clear emails, then peacefully read....I need out of my head.