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Tuesday, Oct 12th- to do

Started Oct-12 by friedchickn; 94 views.
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From: friedchickn


I must have peed 12 times last night....WTF?  Sigh. So I'm a little groggy and a lot tired.

Yesterday had a wonderful slow feel to it.  But today is back to the grind.

Workout, plank and GHD.  Yoga tonight

piano practice

Stuff I didn't do yesterday....last box of GG's stuff we brought back, water the plants, cat litter and receipts

I have a new stack of mail to deal with

GG call.  Sigh

Dog bowls

More laundry

And dinner????  what to do for dinner....maybe I can convince dh to make burgers....I'll go freezer hunting shortly


From: scapermom


I joined a sleep group on the fitbit community. Problem is all people do is post their sleep score charts, no one is talking about ‘how to’ get better sleep. Sigh

morning is underway here, excitement included the dog hunting a cute little chipmunk on the patio.poor thing was pleading with me through the window. I distracted the dog long enough for it to get away!

I remembered to put the mail out

Laundry is going

found an old wine bottle leaking the other day. Cleaned up the mess it made then, but finally finished emptying the bottle today. We need to either start drinking or selling these old bottles we inherited. I’m sure most if not all of them are vinegar or worse at this point.

going to start my 10 or so on the bike while watching a video in a few. Maybe some yoga later

DH took my car to get the windshield replaced. It got a nice crack in it on the last run to Ithaca. GOing to check in with him to see if he needs me to come get him or what

Zone mission and continue paper clutter cleanout. Stack of receipts gets the honor today

Dog walk later

Hve to check and update the monthly list 

Listen to a a chapter and try not to fall asleep

Dinner will be french onion chicken - using the leftover dip and fried onions from last weeks pork. People on reviews of the recipe said its even better with chicken.