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Friday, October 22nd - To Do

Started Oct-22 by scapermom; 86 views.
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From: scapermom


Just getting here. Slept in a bit but did the morning routine before noon. Dog walk. 

Made an oatmeal berry bake for DH to take to the inlaws tomorrow. Looks like a lot of berries but followed a recipe. 

Did some paper decluttering.

This week’s zone was the master bedroom and honestly I havent done much in there. Though it doesn’t really need much. Feel like I should do something in there. I’ll pick one task from the week and get to it.

Flylady has also started the holiday missions and I’m behind on those. I think I’ll at least pull my holiday journal out and review it. No idea what we are doing so it makes it hard to plan anything really.

Feel like DD needs to put in a grocery order so she has some edible foods. Dining and living conditions really suck there. NOt looking for posh, just bare livability. 

Island lime shrimp and rice for dinner. I should boil up the last of the collard greens as well.