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Monday, October 25th - To Do

Started Oct-25 by scapermom; 76 views.

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Back in the saddle list?

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Weekly home blessing day! Fresh new week…

 I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning. Really need to stop the nightime snacking. So started my morning off with a 4 minute workout. I’ll do 2 more today. 

Also started the WHB - stripped bed, and replaced towels & table linens. Sanitized counters, island, table. Opened a bunch of windows. Feels warmer than the 64 degrees it says on my APP - going up to 77 today! What? Saw something about a nor’easter - it’s real humid and I already have sinus pressure.

Downstairs bathroom is swished and swiped.

DD just sent a picture of her measly tofu hash breakfast. WHatever they put in their eggs there doesn’t agree with her. She’s determined not to spend anymore money for food there. So she’s trying to make the best of what is already paid for. 

Zone for the week is the living/family room. Going to tackle todays mission after 10 on the bike 

I’ll do the rest of the WHB tasks at 11 with Flylady show.

Dog walk if the weather holds

Paper clutter - catalogs are piling up already so I’ll cull those today

Didn’t think of a meal plan for the week, but I took chicken breasts out of the freezer last night. Also have turnip and mustard greens to clean & cook up before they go bad.