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Wednesday, October 26th - To Do

Started Oct-27 by scapermom; 94 views.

From: scapermom


What’s going on?

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From: scapermom


Morning routine underway. THankfully no damage from the storm that came through here yesterday. We got a lot of rain don’t know where it all went. The neighborhood retention basin was nearly full yesterday afternoon and then we got another round later last night. I’m curious to check it out on this afternoon’s dog walk. 

I did a 4 minute workout.  I really need to work on losing some weight and tone up. Its a constant battle, but now I’ve now got an appointment for my yearly physical coming up in mid December. They called me yesterday. 

It’s wednesday so bills and all that comes with that.

I’m not sure if I’m visiting my sister today or not. She said something about having some errands she must do today and I don’t want to be dragged along on that. Weekend it is.

I want to check out what the Aldi specials are this week and if there’s anything good I’ll head over there.

Zone mission (family/living room) and paper clutter focus (catalogs/mail)

Thinking of an unstuffed peppers casserole for dinner (no CSA delivery this week due to storm but I’ve got plenty left from last weeks) Also need to clean & cook those dang greens I keep forgetting. 


From: friedchickn


Back to the doc for a regularly scheduled (extra) appointment.  I'll see him next week...and then he's so pleased with my progress he may kick me to the curb for several months.  YEAH ME!!!!!  I'm so sick of this....

Dd's car decided to drop dead again...not sure which day of this saga we are on.  Was that only yesterday?  She got it towed to a dealer who said they could fix it and got an uber to work, friend to home after work.  Turns out the dealer can't get to it til mid Nov.

So dh and dd worked it out so the car is getting retowed to OUR mechanic (again).  a friend is driving her here and she'll take my car again til we get this sorted out.

Arrghhhhhh. If we knew where she was going to med school, this would be an easier process.

I apparently have night sweats now.  Fun.  Washing my soaked sheets again.  Well, dh is washing my soaked sheets while I stand there and advise.  LOL.

Doing a little xmas shopping online today.  Saw the cutest avocado toast ornaments from Old World and while I'm there...should figure out if there are any others before I hit send.  Also saw a new cookie cookbook from a local vendor that I'd like to snag for my BFF.

Dinner...brown bread and baked beans- Chef dh

Dh's monitored tasks: cat litter and 1 load of personal laundry after he finishes my sheets.

Read more of my book.  Book dog boarding for Friday cause dh has to go down and deal with GG's house and I can't handle the dog right now. (I probably could but dh wouldn't hear of it).  A few more receipts.

Started Halston on's different.