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Thursday, October 28th - To Do

Started Oct-28 by scapermom; 87 views.

From: scapermom


Getting close to spooky time list

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From: scapermom


UP and at em… started the morning with a 4 min workout. Dog’s taken care of and napping. DH took care of the kitchen at some ungodly hour he woke up at. I’m about to start laundry.

Have errands - post office and maybe Whole Foods - they’re having a big sale on frozen pizzas and I want to try these keto ones so a good time to buy.

Dog needs a brushing bad, will attempt after the walk when shes good & tired 

Zone mission and paper clutter - finish office filing and maybe shred some?

Arm work and maybe a plank?

Thinking take out for dinner - DHs choice - or frozen pizzas and wings?


From: friedchickn


I think I'll sleep upstairs tonight.  I've finally worked out a way, with pillows, to sleep on my side and I'm sooooo glad.  So dh is doing the master bedding today.  He's also tasked with bathrooms (which he really doesn't mind) and vaccuming.

I'm still plodding through receipts and stuff.  It's been a very busy week.

It's cold and crisp and I'm hoping to actually get my required walks in. clue.  Dh said he'd figure it out.  I've had very little appetite but he still needs to eat.

Should end up finishing my book today. 

And I broke out my xmas binder and I'm starting in on that.  Should probably grab my thanksgiving one too.  That's coming up fast and there are so many shortages being predicted.  I'd rather have too much than be missing something.