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Friday, October 29th-to do

Started Oct-29 by friedchickn; 89 views.
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From: friedchickn


Guess I'm up early.

Dh is already down at GG's with 100 boxes, trash bags and a trailer

I did the check statement and just finished showering.  Only thing left on today's list...lunch with my friend.  She's coming by at 1:30 to grab me and hit something local.

Finished my book.....soooooo.....

And started to work on this year's xmas list and packing away some of my summer stuff.  It was 28 degrees this morning....that paperweight tank can probably go away til Spring.  Dh propped one of my storage baskets up on a chair in our closet so I can put things in as I find them without bending over.

And that's it


From: scapermom


Was gonna say hope you’re being careful. I know it’s hard but give yourself ample healing time. You dont want to end up with an issue after.

I started rearranging my closet as well. Not 28 but 50s/60s down here. But I can see winter is coming. So best start prepping. 

Also took out and started going through my holiday control journal. Still unsure of what’s happening with thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter. I’m trying to play it loosey goosey and prepare for any scenario. I ordered a big turkey and may pick up  a smaller one in Aldi next week when they go on sale. I may even get a free one from one of the groceries here if I spend enough. Think I need to start a conversation with my sister in law to work it all out.

Spent some time by my sisters yesterday and went though a bunch of my moms stuff. Its really overwhelming. We started with photographs and discussed what papers can be shreded/tossed. We also had a box that was our grandfathers to go through - mostly papers that should have been thrown out 20 years ago if not longer. Some legal papers regarding properties that we don’t understand as well. 

TOday I’ll take care of zone missions from today & yesterday. 

Pizza & wings for dinner tonight - have a grain free mix to try and want to try the wings in the air fryer. Plenty of greens to have for a healthy side.