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Tuesday, November 9th - To Do

Started Nov-9 by scapermom; 77 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?


From: friedchickn


Couldn't sleep for #### last night.  Ended up getting up and watching a few more episodes of The Crown and watched the sun rise....sigh

Need to take the dog to get his toes done at 10...hoping he doesn't pull, but may ask them to grab him from my car and return him.  Don't need to pull something but he needs his toes done.

Sour dough...something.  Although I may push that til tomorrow since I have plenty of bread stuff and no purpose.

practice piano

read 1 chapter

Need blaze for teh dog, I can't find his....maybe they'll have some at the kennel.

Call GG

Dog bowls.'s a dog day isn't it?!

Dog walk

Dust my office move X, dust behind, move Y, needs it.  Also my piano.

Tonight I have a zoom meeting for dd's condo.


From: scapermom


Lol as long as it’s not Dog Day Afternoon ha!

and I’m back! Morning took a curve ball since DD FaceTimed before and after choosing her spring classes at her 7:30 time slot. There were 2 classes she really wanted/needs for her major that had only 1 spot left and she was worried about it, but luckily got in. Thanks to all our concert ticket buying experience for that lol she was prepared! At this point shes a semester ahead. Oh and today she’s getting inducted into their honor society - so proud mom moment here.

Got laundry collected, sorted & started. Dogs done, kitchen in progress. It is also this week’s zone. Todays mission involves looking through the pantry for expired/close to items. I need to do that!

Spent some time going through circulars and catalogs and doing digital coupons. I may take a Costco run for a few stock up items. 

Back to 10 on the bike and arm workout, maybe a plank - I gotta do something.

Holiday mission 

DH is doing a double, so I’m on my own for dinner - leftovers it is.

Will catch up on youtube channels I follow. Maybe some DVRd shows? 


From: friedchickn


Congrats on her being a semester ahead and Honor Society...that's great!