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Tuesday, November 23rd - To Do

Started Nov-23 by scapermom; 80 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning tasks tbd - slept in since 2 of the 3 of us are ‘on vacation’ 

‘After my regular routine is done, I’ll head out to brave the grocery store  for some items since I didn’t make it there yesterday. 

todays zone & holiday missions

dog walk 

maybe get in 10 minutes on the bike 

Want to start prepping  some dishes for Thursday.

think I’ll make that Italian stuffing for dinner tonight 


From: friedchickn


Well I guess yesterday was just a blur...

Off to an organized start.  I have a ton of tasks and I'm gonna see how far I get.

Doing a few quick bills that didn't get done yesterday.  Then I'm off to the grocery for the last bit of stuff for a few other things that came up.  I'll drop the bills at the PO too.

Then I'm gonna spend some time on prep.  Need to see which casserole dishes can sit where in the oven.  Start to clear the back counter and stock it with the things we need for turkey day.  Cook up the sage sausage, chop onions, chop celery, chop walnuts and pecans.

I started decorating and I need to finish up what I can and then either hide it from dd (if unwrapped) or stuff it under the tree.  Pack all the wrap stuff back up and toss in my office.  Finish decorating...I have the pine garlands and lights left.  Then have dh put the bins back above the garage.

piano practice

If I need a break...or a change of pace...gonna list a few more things on the Buy Nothing page.  I've had mega luck the past few days...offloaded partial cans of paint, an entire bin of partial cleaning supplies and some dishes/pots/pans...and I have a giant stack from GG and I've been adding stuff from my house, so there's plenty.  GG's pile has motivated me to take another purge!!!

No clue on dinner....