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Monday, November 29th-to do

Started Nov-29 by friedchickn; 91 views.
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From: friedchickn


I was up I'm on here early.  Bad dreams and no point fighting the lunacy...I just got up and made coffee.

OMG...the email sales are gonna drown me.  I thought I got rid of all this crap.

The usual Monday stuff.  Bills, receipts and emails.  Week money...think I need to stop at the bank for more.  Also need to stop at the PO.  The library.  The puzzle exchange.  And I need to drop the signed contract off at the restaurant.

Laundry....the tablecloth is finally clean.  I've got a load of clothes in the dryer and the washer.  And zero desire to fold....

Dishwasher is going.  All those T Day leftovers need to get packaged and frozen today.

Water plants

piano practice and lesson and I was supposed to find a new piece and I didn't

Read 1 chapter...which is a joy cause I really like the book i got.

Dinner....whatever leftovers I leave out f or tonight.  although I may make a meatloaf so I don't have to eat any more turkey for now.


From: scapermom


Good morning! I’m up, been up, but got waylaid by my DDs FaceTime this morning. She’s back at school and up early. At least I was able to do some chores while on the FaceTime with her. 

Morning routine in progress - laundry needs to be flipped, dog’s eating, need to finish kitchen.

Stripped bed, should take care of DDs since she didn’t - forgot about that ugh, towels & table linens refreshed

A new walk at home video notice popped up before so I’d like to do that for today’s exercise

Flylady at 11 for the rest of the Monday house blessing tasks

Yes! All the emails! Want to get some of my Christmas gift shopping done today with the sales, but keep finding things for myself instead… one of my nieces is almost done, just need to top it off with some makeup. I’ll get same for DD. Also some stocking stuffer items for dorm. Otherwise no idea what to get DD or DH - found a nice guitar rack made out of oak barrels in the USA that I think he’d like but not sure… 

my SIL is trying to get the extended family together at a restaurant for Christmas on the 26th, which kind of puts a wrench in my sending them food gifts. Though I guess I can still do that? I like the idea of clutter free gifts for the adults, if we have to do gifts in the first place.

 Not a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers, so I may just toss whats there. I used the sweet potatoes yesterday to make pancakes. Just some green beans and my MILs yucky corn stuffing she made instead of the mashed potatoes she was supposed to make. May throw the one turkey wing in with the carcass i froze for stock. 

I took out chicken breasts for a stir fry for dinner tonight.