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Wednesday, May 18th - To Do

Started May-18 by scapermom; 71 views.

From: scapermom


What cha got Wednesday?

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From: scapermom


Morning routine underway - dog’s done, laundry going and kitchen is clean for now

still working on cleaning & finding places for all of DDs dorm stuff. The fans she had were caked with gunk! Getting an air cleaner for the fall for sure!

Also continue with winter gear 

Today’s zone mission

Need to speak to my sis to resolve the baby shower gift issue - are we doing a together gift or what? She’s not an amazon shopper and that’s where my niece is registered (which I also found weird, but I can deal at least) I sent her the link and hope she’s had a chance to peruse what’s left. At this point I think we’re left with a bunch of little items I can throw in a theme basket or something 

Want to swing by Aldis for a few fill in items. Need to check my freezer & pantry stock and see if I should also go to Costco

It’s Wednesday, so bills, filing and receipts tbd

Dinner is a big ? Might make pasta with broccoli for fam and use spaghetti squash for myself in some way

Survivor tonight


From: friedchickn


Dump day!!!  already there and back.

Overnight oats consumed...dishwasher unloaded.

Ordered some shelves for my closet...I want some better I have a plan.  Poor dh.

I'll do a ROMWOD soon.  Then practice piano.  I have a lesson today, but I've been a bad girl and need to get in one more practice.

Lunch with a friend then we'll be hitting the local nursery.  Not sure what they've got but I'm pretty excited to see.

The tentative plan for this evening is a sunset cruise (and a drop off of a ton of boat stuff)...but it's wicked windy so that might not happen.  Maybe we'll do the drop off anyway? I dunno.  I'm not the captain.  If we stay home, I have a pizza dough and a plan!

A dog walk...a plank or 2...and the dog bowls that didn't get done yesterday.