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Tuesday, May 31st - To Do

Started May-31 by scapermom; 80 views.

From: scapermom


Say goodbye to May with a list

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From: scapermom


Dang allergies are rampant - mostly suffering with sinus pain/pressure 

Started the morning routine - dogs been out, started a load, sorted what got brought down yesterday, unloaded dishwasher 

after coffee and emails I’ll cut up the pork butt and try to fit it all in the crockpot 

todays zone mission is a detailed vacuum in the family/living room. leftovers  from yesterday include trash collection, quick vacuuming, dusting and damp mopping 

easy cardio for today’s exercise - maybe walk at home?

need to see what’s left to receive for the nieces baby shower gift - hate that it’s many small things, but that’s what she had left on her registry 

dog walk early before the heat sets in hopefully 

have to figure out something to make & bring to DHs buddies bbq on Saturday, then I’ll shop tomorrow for it

will coach Dd through scheduling a new dentist appointment- these kids today don’t want to make phone calls -wacky 

need to clean out the birdbath

pork carnitas for tonight’s dinner 

‘havent made much progress with the latest Bridgerton book, need to get on that


From: friedchickn


Already a long morning...had a doctor's appt with my ILs to discuss getting them help....counselors, respite, etc.  It was a very productive meeting but exhausting...emotions were a bit high.  MY MIL is furious and my FIL is overwhelmed and exhausted.  Sigh....this #### sucks.  I have a list of things to follow up on...and I'll split that up with dh later today.  I'm not owning all this.

Thank goodness I brought back breakfast leftovers...cause that's what I just inhaled.

Started laundry and unpacked the boat stuff.  

This week's list is already written out...I'll have to add stuff that came up, but I at least have a plan of attack for today.

Payday...bills, receipts, emails, week money

Cat litter

Water plants and take out sour dough starter.

Need to call a contractor to discuss staining the house....hopefully get an estimate or on the schedule

practice piano

Boggle with the's at a friend's house.  So I need to bring something...

No clue on clue on lunch...