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Thursday, June 2nd - To Do

Started Jun-2 by scapermom; 152 views.
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From: scapermom


Slept much better last night but did wake up at 4something -must have heard DH rummaging around. I forced myself back to sleep but did wake up several more times 

threw my workout clothes on but not before getting jump scared by a spider who took up residence in them overnight!

Charging my fitbit yet again - the battery on this new one sucks and they won’t replace it I tried - all I know is I’m losing steps since it seems to be off more than on

my lower back hurts for some reason (sucks getting old) so will do an easy yoga session in a bit even tho it’s supposed to be a cardio day. If rain holds off May do 2 dog walks since that counts as cardio if I can get my heart rate up enough 

Morning routine-dogs taken care of and I just put up a load, stopped myself from doing kitchen until the fitbit is charged and on my wrist

zone mission is decluttering dining room - much needed 

didn’t make it to aldi yesterday so will head there today

Dh came home with sausage last night from his quick grocery trip to get fruit-so I’ll make that with peppers and onions tonight - maybe some pasta for them too

i said I wasn’t gonna, but I started reading a Bridgerton prequel book that came in this multi volume collection I didn’t remember putting on hold on that became available yesterday - so must finish it now


From: friedchickn


I did not sleep...that's my fault.  I totally over served myself at the event last night and then had the boozy sweats all night long.  Oh was fun.

Been a busy morning...had breakfast with a friend.  Stopped to feed my ILs cats...they're taking a day trip.  Stopped at the PO.  And started laundry.

I swear my list is getting longer and longer the more I cross things wtf.

Dh finished repairing the oven hood and I contacted lowe's and they'll take the one we bought back.  So we are gonna do that early tomorrow.  It's a 3 hr round trip.  While we're down there...I'm gonna stop at a petco (or pet whatever) and buy a ton of pet food....the local vet leaves their mudroom/entrance unlocked and stores pet food for those in need...well someone robbed it last night and took all the pet food.  Really!!!!Come on?!?!  So I'm gonna restock it with the money we get back from the vent.

Once the cleaning lady is done, I'm taking the dog for his nails and I'll feed my ILs cats again...I swear they took the world's easiest animal and made it impossible.

Yoga tonight...zoom meeting about the townhouse.

Making pizzas after that...then I'll swing by and feed the #### cats again.

I started watching teh Abercrombie and Fitch documentary yesterday while I ironed....i'd like to finish that today...I've got about 30 min left.


From: scapermom


Not even safe in the wilds of Maine - unbelievable- but people get desperate


From: friedchickn


There's a ton of petty theft....mostly cause people leave their purses in the cars and their doors, yeah.