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Tuesday, June 7th - To Do

Started Jun-7 by scapermom; 98 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning underway- dogs been out, laundry started, kitchens in good shape for now.

did my 1st 4minute workout, will do a walk at home later along with 2 more 4 mins

zone mission involves trash can - think I’ll do it outside and do some yard work while out there

checked our Covid counts since I felt like odd man out in the stores yesterday not wearing a mask - is 2,040 in a state of what 8mil a lot? Are we supposed to wear masks forever now? What is going on?

don’t have a meal plan for the week so I’ll make one today and do a grocery list for Aldi for tomorrow 

need to check my Wegmans card online to see what phone number is connected since the one I gave didn’t work last night - went there toget poke bowls for dinner

tonight I’ll make the instant pot chili 

Read! Also think new season of The Boys dropped on Amazon? If not need a Westworld refresh


From: friedchickn


It was hot and humid last I slept like crap.  Should have just gotten up and turned the AC on.  GRRRRRR

Breakfast with a friend....oh boy did she have some's gonna get spicy soon.  GEEZZZZZZ

I have a million things to do...again, or forever....

Stopped at the PO on the way home.  3 packages and a stack of mail.  So I'll start in on that.  Looks like plenty to do.

More laundry.

Another workout.  No yoga...she's in Florida

Dinner tonight...I have leftover eggs, heavy cream and ham that need a ham, broccoli and cheese quiche for dinner.  I'll whip up a crust when I deal with the sourdough starter.

Might start "this week's" documentary...LOL.  Our Father.  Dd said it was great and it's on my list to watch.  I have a few things to iron so ...might do that later today.