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Monday, June 13th - To Do

Started Jun-13 by scapermom; 109 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine started - dog’s done (May have forgotten to feed her dinner, so she was eager for breakfast this morning oops), started a load of sheets, and loaded the dishwasher with the cups I found then put away what was left out to dry last night

Weekly Home blessing started - stripped sheets, replaced towels & table linens, sanitized kitchen counters 

the rest of the whb at 11 with flylady 

after coffee and emails I’ll do a strength workout 

Zone mission is decluttering the linen closet 

have 2 rsvps to do 

also have the dogs license to renew at the township if I can get there today - or figure out how to do it online

need to remind Dd to fill out all her dr forms to prep for her appointments this week 

Took out chicken breasts for dinner - thinking of making an easy stir fry with zucchini 

really should catch up with what’s on the DVR or delete it

started watching a new show on STARZ last night - Becoming Elizabeth -so up my alley, but annoying to have to wait til next week for a new episode! 


From: friedchickn


The weekends are killer...I'm dragging tail sooooo bad right now.

Unloaded the dishwasher, breakfast and started laundry

Started making this week's list...I didn't last Friday...the 2 big projects this week...hem the curtains and mulch the front flower bed.

Working out at 10...then I'll do a little mulch, the cat litter and get a shower....then I'll see what else can get done before boggle with the gals.

Last week was out of control food wise and the scale back to smaller portions and less mid week drinks.  I can do it...I can behave myself.

I'll see what I'm capable of after boggle...probably not much...and I'll figure out dinner...

Ozarks tonight...almost done


From: friedchickn


ohhhhh.  That did look like a good one...but I don't have starz.