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Tuesday, June 14th - To Do

Started Jun-14 by scapermom; 132 views.
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From: scapermom


Slept a little better than the night before but still very groggy 

need to get on that morning routine- dogs done, but need to start laundry then kitchen

zone mission is shower walls so I’ll take care of that when I go up to shower 

first I’ll do a walk at home

dog walk

dd has her new doctor appointment at 1. she wants me to come with her for moral support - I’ll wait in the car and be available for any questions she texts I guess

have to remember to call DHs twin cousins for their birthday today

while I’m out with Dd I’ll pick up some ground beef for taco salads for dinner. If I don’t we can have burgers since I have some left in the freezer

need to find a new book series to read


From: friedchickn


Just getting on here...waiting for dh to get off his we can go vote and pick up my goat cheese and yogurt.

Been a busy morning...breakfast and cleanup.  Worked out.  Finished mulching the front flower bed (dh helped).  And hemmed and rehung 1 curtain...that was stressful...they were too expensive to #### up.

I'll do the other curtain tomorrow when I'm fresh...

Still to do...

the pile of mail I got yesterday at the PO.

piano practice and water the piano

water plants and figure out the sourdough...i'm thinking biscuits...not sure what to do for dinner

fold yesterday's laundry and put away

spray my hostas for deer

and read more of my's sooo ogood.


From: scapermom


Water the piano?

whatbook are you reading?


From: friedchickn

Jun-15 has a humidity control unit for the sound have to feed and water it.

The book is another Coleen Hoover...called Ugly Love.  It's good and a quick light read so I'm about 1/2 way through.