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Thursday, June 16th - To Do

Started Jun-16 by scapermom; 84 views.
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From: scapermom


Ugh Raining cats & dogs out there today

working on the morning routine- dog done, laundry and kitchen started 

todays zone mission is a 27 fling boogie in the bathroom 

I’ll do a quick walk at home, and clean myself up, then it should be time to go with Dd for her blood test and make sure she doesn’t pass out - I’ll make sure she takes a water bottle with liquid iv in it for 

dog walk if/when the rain clears this afternoon. She needs her meds today too

DH is off and attending to parents today 

skipped Aldi yesterday so maybe today?

want to work on a list of quick and easy meals for dd and give her lessons for making them since she’ll be in an apartment with only the basic 5 meal plan this semester 

No plan for dinner tonight 

10 days left for Westworld refresher so better get on that


From: friedchickn


It is absolutely beautiful outside....a very long dog walk is definitely in order.

I was up I finished the last 2 curtains and got them hung.  Love how they look.

Listed a handful of stuff I've been meaning to list.

Started a load of whites and have the dog bowls soaking.

I have a lunch date and yoga class tonight.

piano practice

and I'm keeping dinner simple...tiny dinos and tater tots.