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Friday, June 24th - To Do

Started Jun-24 by scapermom; 145 views.
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From: scapermom


Feeling the need for a chili out & do nothing day BUt I’ll just do the basics

slept like crap! kept waking up, tossed turned, was sweaty, then finally decided to just get up and start the day

Laundry’s going, dogs been out & fed, kitchen meh

after coffee I’ll head out to feed the vegetable plants, weed and clean & fill the birdbath 

last day in the bedroom zone - end of bed 

Dd asked for help filling out med forms for her upcoming  ENT appointment - she’s been getting tonsil stones and one of her tonsils is enlarged. The regular md wasn’t concerned but it’s bothering Dd so we decided to go to the next level

I’ll do a flylady 2 minute express blessing 

it’s a strength day - think I’ll just do upper body

dog walk

not in the mood, but need to call the cable co and drop some services - price went up over $30 this month!  it’s freaking insane how much we are paying but DH is being stubborn about his tv habits. He is a channel surfer so dropping it altogether and just getting streaming services will not work. Also heard they jack up the price of internet (our only option is getting it from the cable co) when you drop tv. When I can think clearer I’ll crunch some numbers for different options 

no idea about dinner - Maybe some sushi takeout?

dd wants to binge watch new season of Umbrella Academy this weekend, so we start tonight. I still have a few episodes of Westworld and new Boys drops tonight 


From: friedchickn


Sooooo much to pack and get settled....

we have overnight guests on the boat on Saturday.  We are on tap for dinner tonight...we're making pizzas and bringing the pizza oven.  And then there's everything I need to take care of the dog...

and all the usual stuff

dd left a little while ago....she looked better...


From: friedchickn


I'm surprised you can't get fiber for your internet....I mean little old rural Maine has fiber....


From: scapermom


You would think right? They started installing it and made it to some areas, but not everywhere unfortunately. People have been livid  especially with everyone working and schooling from home and having shoddy internet connection. There have been meetings upon meetings about it, but so far nothing