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Friday, July 15th - To Do

Started Jul-15 by scapermom; 91 views.

From: scapermom


What’s up this weekend?

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From: scapermom


Checked the calendar and saw I forgot to put out recycling yesterday. So morning off to great start 

laundry’s going, dogs been out & fed, kitchen started

need to get out back & water things

Zone missions and want to vacuum upstairs bathrooms 

DH will be leaving soon to take his mom to doctors appointment and errands

need to get online and waive health insurance for dd since she’s covered under ours. Checked the bill yesterday and it looks like one of her grants is missing too…sigh

need to push Dd to get in touch with her roomies and divvy up who’s bringing what for the apartment- no idea how that will work and trying to stay out but it’s twisting my planning self insides and really don’t want to be running around last minute - we are at 35 days til move in

no parties this weekend, so may go visit my sister 

No idea about tonight’s dinner


From: friedchickn


Leaving for the marina in a short bit...just a few things left to do and then poof...gone!!!