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Thursday, July 21st -To Do

Started Jul-21 by friedchickn; 100 views.
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From: friedchickn


Up at my new norm...6 am.  On the plus side....I get the whole house to myself for almost 2 whole hours....which feels wonderful.

Breakfast done...waffle egg sandwiches.  Lunch will be leftovers.  Dinner...I'm having drinks with a friend and then dh is meeting me to eat.

Today is non-priority list there's a billion tasks that aren't a priority...yet.  I'll just start picking stuff off and see how far I get.  There's a ton of things that need to be booked, so I'll probably start there.

Long romwod at 1.  It's too hot and too muggy for my hot spot boy to go for a walk.

piano practice

and a pedicure....


From: scapermom


Just getting over here, though I’ve been up and about awhile. Took melatonin last night and slept a little better/longer than I have been 

watered, dog, laundry> On my 2nd load - wanted to wash cold whites separately to see if I can get them whiter on their own 

Kitchen is in progress - need to unload dishwasher 

too hot for daytime dog walk - we did one last night when we got home from dinner, think same for tonight 

Zone mission 

cardio day 

Dd & I will head to my sister’s for a visit after DD finishes online panel moderation 

no CSA delivery this week due to heat - think I have enough to tide me over - May need more salad ingredients 

thinking either chicken apple sausages and or burgers for dinner tonight - it will be up to DH since he’s the griller