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Thursday, July 28th - To Do

Started Jul-28 by scapermom; 87 views.
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From: scapermom


Still woke up in the 6am range but I got a little more than 6 hours which is the best I’ve had in weeks

dogs still asleep upstairs-I’ll blame all the shots she had yesterday and the heat.

first load of laundry is going

found the CSA bag in the mud room-DH must have brought it in when he left in the wee hours. So I’ll unpack, clean and store what’s in it. 

have to put mail out

zone mission is dusting again

i still need cards and possibly something to wear for the 2 parties we’re going to on Saturday. Also need salad greens since no leafy greens are in the veg bag

dds got her first concert in 2 years tomorrow and it’s an all day festival in the heat & rain. So when I go to the dollar store for cards I’ll look for a rain poncho and reusable water bottle she can clip to herself 

No ideas on dinner-have to rummage in the freezer now or pick something up while out


From: friedchickn


Slept like a freakin baby!!!!  THC for the win!!!

Up at 7...bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Breakfast is done, kitchen cleaned up.

Not much on today's agenda....

piano lesson at 3

I need to make a grocery run and cook up the bacon for BLT's this weekend.  If I have to turn the oven on...I might throw in some cookies too.

Long romwod

And maybe some quietly reading a good (massively overdue) book.