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Wednesday, August 10th-to do

Started Aug-10 by friedchickn; 130 views.
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From: friedchickn


I'm told the humidity has broken and it's cool outside.  I wouldn't know cause the stain guy ha showed up and is pressure washing the house....sigh....oh well.  This too shall pass.

Started the laundry room project yesterday.  Dh ripped the old shelves out, measured everything and I started patching where the new cabinets won't be.  Also went and got the paint I need.  Gonna sand/spackle a bit more and maybe get a coat of paint on???  We shall see.

Gotta workout today...haven't in awhile and I'm starting to feel it.

Dump day...and the garage is a mess, so we really need it.

Took my sourdough starter out I need to do something with it today.

Finish the few things that are left from Monday and Tuesday.

Watched Luck last was cute.  Highly recommend


From: scapermom


 Now DH has it - came home from work yesterday with scratchy throat and asked for the NyQuil. His parents seem to be on the mend at least. I’m sure that’s where he got it this past weekend since he was there helping them. Hope since he’s had it before, that his case is mild - we’ll see I guess.
Dd is freaking out as ‘last man standing’ - plus she’s supposed to go back to school next week and needs to show negative to be let back. Never dull. I’m staying clear because apparently you can catch this variant multiple times? At least we have enough space in this house to separate ourselves 

I'm up and showered, took care of dog, started a load of laundry and gathered trash but missed the truck 

Going to try a short plank again today- really need to get my strength back

illattempt an upstairs vacuuming 

more breaking bad - almost done with season 2

im desiring beef, so DD’s making us burgers and sautéed mushrooms tonight 


From: scapermom


I’ve seen ads for Luck - I’ll check it out 


From: friedchickn


Yeah they're saying this variant is mild....but crazy contagious....