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Thursday, September 8th - To Do

Started Sep-8 by scapermom; 132 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning started, just have to unload dishwasher and put everything away

threw open windows since it’s a little cooler this morning 

no veggie bag, it got pushed to tomorrow due to flooded fields

arms feeling better but think I’ll take it easy one more day and just bike or walk for exercise 

errands include staples and Aldi since I didn’t get there yesterday 

zone mission is decluttering the foil/wrap drawer

dog walk at some point

made leftovers into chicken chili last night, so tonight’s the mini meatloaves 

finish season 3 of breaking bad?


From: friedchickn


Breakfast burritos...and laundry started.

Figured out my meal for the, chicken, pilaf and a salad...Need to grab the meat from the freezer, find my pilaf recipe and a short grocery trip for salad fixings....maybe tomorrow

Need to get a sizeable paint chip and then get a can of paint for the exterior doors.

A long dog walk if the rain holds off....and the long romwod will be today's exercise.

Shake the vanilla, dog bowls (leftovers from Tuesday)

And I have sourdough discard I'd like to turn into cookies.