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Monday, September 12th-to do

Started Sep-12 by friedchickn; 108 views.
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From: friedchickn


August went lightening quick...and now September seems to be going even faster.  SLOW DOWN!!!!

This week is gonna be crazy busy....even without the arrival of the boat, which I hope happens.  If that happens...of course we're taking the day and going down!  So I have a list of stuff to get ready for that.

But first....Monday.

Working out at 10:30.  Trying to get back into my full workout schedule....which hasn't been happening since the beginning of August.  By the grace of god I haven't gained any weight.

Bill, emails, receipts, week money.  Water plants.  Cat litter

Start laundry.  Pull out sour dough starter

Shake the vanilla and take my bp

Also gonna swap sides of the bed with dh....he's closer to the AC and I think it'll help me sleep better.

Lunch with my ladies at 12:30

Gonna pull out rolls and meatballs for meatball subs for dinner.


From: scapermom


Got up and started morning routine along with the weekly home blessing mixed in.
Stopped to eat breakfast, and have a 2nd cup - will watch a House of the Dragon recap while doing that (after this) 

im with you on the days speeding by and needing to get back in a workout routine. Doing classes really helped me in the past

new zone is main bathroom plus 1 other random. Today’s mission is everyone’s fave the toilet lol

ill finish the weekly tasks with Flylady at 11ish

I should try to get out and get the last few items for DDs care package so I can mail it this week and hopefully she’ll get it before the month is 

skillet dinner with chicken sausage and the yellow squash that’s about to turn