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Wednesday, September 14th - To Do

Started Sep-14 by scapermom; 131 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?


From: friedchickn


Look at you getting on here early!

The switching sides of the bed seems to be helping alot.  So dh and I are gonna make it official...he wants his nightstand and not mine...LOL.  So we'll shift the rest of the stuff around today.  I'm just happy for some relief.

Headed to the dump in a is all loaded up.  Gonna start using dog food bags and litter bags for the returnables...I've been searching for a use for them.

Need to send a fedex and pickup pictures I had printed...both are at walgreens.  I'll swing through on the wya back from the dump.

It poured last everything is still wet...hoping it dries and then I'll get out there and get some painting done.  The strip by the hot tub should take no time at all....and a 2nd coat on the door.

piano practice

workout?  I'm soooo sore.  Gonna do something...just not sure yet what.  My BFF was able to lower her cholesterol without drugs....I'm jealous...I'm having no luck with anything.

Have to submit a book list to the library and send the split update out for boondocks. 

Not sure about anything else....waiting to see/hear if the boat gets moved today.  If so...dh wants to head down to measure the keel while it's out of the water....and then we'll probably get dinner down there.

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From: scapermom


I’m up, but slept terribly. Allergies have kicked in as well

Just the basics getting done today, not going to push

dog, laundry, kitchen 

quick Aldi run - have a short list

An easy yoga session 

finish packing DD’s box 

zone is medicine cabinet 

dog walk

bills, file receipts 

Dinner is the pork chops we were supposed to have last night - DH stopped at a store for a sub to take for work today and got some garlic shrimp for our dinner as well 


From: scapermom


My brother in law was able to lower his cholesterol with diet - he’s insanely strict 

I really want to get off the BP pills - I looked up ingredients a few weeks back because they changed the brand on me and there’s freaking propolene glycol  in there! I know it’s tiny amounts, but I really don’t want any - not to mention the tiredness and weight gain that I attribute to them - it’s an uphill battle on a mudslide between them and the Hashimoto’s with weight - doc just says eat less and exercise more. No help it does nothing or not long term anyway. 

going to try beet juice and l-arginine supplements and see if that helps lower the BP. Also heard magnesium is helpful but there are many kinds and not sure which one is best


From: friedchickn


I'm not a fan of all those supplements...they're just as bad as the prescription drugs in terms of manufacturing and what else is in them.  And frankly...I know they aren't as closely regulated as prescription there's that

And a strict diet isn't going to happen....I just can't. (won't)

I've been able to drop a few pounds and keep them off during boat season....which is unbelievable (if you saw what I eat and drink on a typical weekend...LOL).  And that was just making sure there's fresh fruit with every breakfast and a salad with every dinner....and the 5 mile walks in the morning.  

Sigh....I really need to lose 5 more pounds...