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Monday, September 19th - To Do

Started Sep-19 by scapermom; 100 views.

From: scapermom


Start the week with a list?


From: friedchickn


Always a list...not sure how I'd get things done without one.

Breakfast is done, kitchen cleaned up a little...pulled out a casserole for dinner and later I'll pull the sourdough starter out too.

Just finished up bills, receipts and week money.

Cat litter and water the plants to come.

Working out at 10:30.  I'll do a plank and some GHD work too.

Then I'll get cleaned up and head out to lunch with my gals.

More laundry later this afternoon.  More emails too.  And piano practice.

Finished the latest season of Below Deck so we're gonna pick up the new season of Handmaid's Tale

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From: scapermom


Late start but I’m up and going now…

Monday and morning routines in progress - stripped bed, replaced towels and table linens, dog and laundry started - did a system clean and load of whites going in now since its all bleachy in there, and kitchen is next

will do a short walk at home to get some more exercise - first need to recharge the dang Fitbit again!

Zone is bedroom and mission is to toss stuff - down with that!

Rest of WHB at 11 with flylady 

Really hungry so need to get something cooking for breakfast 

need to check on the tickets I’m trying to sell and maybe broadcast it on facebook or something. DDs freaking out about them and thinking about trying to catch a plane home tonight so she can go

I’m on call for jury duty this week as well so need to make sure to periodically check my emails 

not sure what’s for dinner tonight. Need to take a quick inventory and make a loose plan. DH is working a double so I may either just rummage through the leftovers or make some zucchini soup for myself 

can I finally start season 4 of breaking bad? Or read the trashy novel I took out of the library?