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Tuesday, September 20th- to do

Started Sep-20 by friedchickn; 133 views.
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From: friedchickn


Was supposed to have breakfast with a friend...but we had to cancel.  So I made a lovely scramble at home.  Dishwasher running...

I have a piano lesson at 10:45 and yoga class at 5...and plenty of stuff to fit in the spaces in between.

A workout.  Some GHD work.  a plank

Dh stopped at the PO yesterday, so I have a stack of mail to deal with.  Need to make sure the taxes got paid.

Dog bowls

GG call

Dinner tonight will be pizza.  Tomorrow dh starts fasting for his colonoscopy on Friday....they do a 2 day fast instead of mag citrate....why?


From: scapermom


Got up a little later than I intended, but plugging along with the morning routine

Dog’s done, laundry & kitchen tbd 

thinking of going for a walk outside sans dog for a change of pace

found a pile of old receipts/papers that need going through 

zone mission today is to put away things that aren’t in their rightful place in the bedroom - I’ll spend 15 on that

Still haven’t sold those tickets - couple of nibbles but nothing concrete and show is tonight . I’ll continue to reduce the price throughout the day and hope for the best. Looks like a lot of tix available so we’re not the only ones in this situation. DD is so bummed she can’t swing this.

need to keep checking for jury emails

dog bowls 

keep forgetting to water indoor plants

should check for beans in the outside garden - what can I make with a handful?

Taco salads tonight