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Wednesday, September 21st - To Do

Started Sep-21 by scapermom; 108 views.

From: scapermom


September is flying by, so make a list?

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From: scapermom


Started and mostly done with the morning routine - dog, laundry moved to dryer, and kitchen in progress 

threw open windows since it’s just lovely out

stomach is a little off but I’m still hungry, just don’t know what to eat that won’t make it worse, so holding off

zone mission is dusting 

really need to vacuum

forgot the indoor plants again, so will get to that today

thinking some upper body work today

have a small Aldi list so may hold off going there for a day or 2

it’s Wednesday, so bills and all that goes with that

dog walk

I have a whole chicken defrosting that I’ll be throwing in the instant pot then air crisper for dinner tonight 


From: friedchickn


Off to a busy start.

We're buying a friend's truck and selling good ol' Franny.  So...there was a few quick errands this morning around that.

Fed my sourdough starter and made what I'm hoping are some rye rolls...just kinda winged it.  They're rising now.

Folded up and packaged all the old boat linens.

And spray painted 1 side of the trellis....I'll get out there and do the other side in a bit

Then it's back to our regularly scheduled activities....a workout, piano practice and today is dump run day

No cooking on my part....dh starts his colonoscopy prep.