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Thursday, September 22nd - To Do

Started Sep-22 by scapermom; 113 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning underway - got dog out before the rain starts, laundry’s started, kitchen tbd

need to continue vacuuming today since the vacuum fell apart mid way yesterday and needed DH to replace a part

just did that lemon in water trick for cleaning the microwave

today’s zone mission is remaking the bed 

DH must of found the veggie bag on the porch and left it in the mud room - do I’ll unpack, clean & store what’s in there. I’ve got several bell peppers, acorn squash and zucchini from last week to use up as well. Freeze or roast?

Didn’t make it to Aldi yesterday so I’ll try to get there today

A 25 minute gentle flow came up as today’s workout so want to fit that in

need to check what the heck happened to the dog’s meds I ordered through the new vet’s website. Would have been easier just to go pick it up like in the good ole days… ugh she also needs an appointment for some shots. Hoping they’ve finally moved into the new office and I don’t have to deal with the little trailer in the parking lot again

Have some ground beef to use up - maybe I’ll try stuffed peppers - not a favorite of anyone here though - stuffed acorn squash? Or zucchini boats? Bleh 


From: friedchickn


Morning is well and truly underway here.

Dropped dh's car off early for an oil change.  Cleaning lady is here now.  I haven't even had breakfast yet!!!

So I'm up here in my office doing office things....framed and wrapped the photo of dd from the white coat ceremony for my MIL.  I have another one to send to GG.  That's up next.  Want/need to go through the insurance binder and clean/update that....might need to order a few page dividers first....dunno.  Emails, bills, receipts....that kinda stuff after that.

My breakfast is already done...I made 2 scrambled egg and bean burritos yesterday so today all I have to do is heat and eat.  Might be a 2 cup of coffee day....didn't sleep well at all.

Guess a long dog walk is out...glad I took him yesterday.  Yoga class tonight.

Another day of no meal prepping cause dh is fasting and I'm just working on cleaning out some containers from the freezer.  There are so many containers that got shoved in there with a tiny bit of something (damn boat season)

piano practice

and that's about it.....I'm sure I'll fill the day with things...I always do.

Watched the new Jurassic movie on Peacock last was really good.  Planning on watching Meet Cute tonight...another theater release movie that peacock is streaming.  Love bang for the buck.


From: friedchickn


I make stuffed peppers with a mexican flair...and everyone loves those...try looking up a few recipes online.


From: scapermom


Good suggestion I will do that - I’ve made them Italian style in the past