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Tuesday, September 27th - To Do

Started Sep-27 by scapermom; 131 views.

From: friedchickn


Busy tuesday ahead....piano lesson at 10:45 and yoga at 5.

A few things leftover from yesterday...I'll try to get to those first.

Need to go get eggs...not enough for dh's breakfast tomorrow.  

Workout (and yoga should kill me for sure....I'm already sore from yesterday, or this weekend...or both)

Dinner...we ended up meeting friends for dinner out so yesterday's dinner will be tonights

The usual Tuesday GG, dog bowls.

Might take the sourdough out to do something with tomorrow....might push it one more day.

Need to schedule the new truck and dh's audi for detailing

And I really have to make some progress on this week's (and last week's) projects.  So I'm gonna set a timer and just do some....

And house of the dragon take 2

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From: scapermom


3 hours later…Morning routine postponed because the gas company guy came to change out our meter

so just having breakfast after starting laundry. Unloaded the dishwasher 

dog walk to follow 

zone mission is a sofa dive

ill do some time on the bike since back is still bothering me 

have leftovers from yesterday’s task list 

might do a pork fried cauliflower rice for dinner with the leftover pork roast from the weekend 

started a new romance book series so will do some reading