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Friday, January 13th - To Do

Started Jan-13 by scapermom; 105 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine underway - dog & laundry then kitchen

zone is to sweep & mop - will do that between dh leaving & dd getting up I guess

Day looks pretty clear on paper, though I still have some Christmas stuff to pack & put away - why is it more of a process than getting out& putting it all up?

May do a Target run

need to check in with my sister/BIL to see how her mouth surgery went

Need to rummage in the freezer for something for dinner tonight - though there’s still a bunch of chicken left 


From: friedchickn


6 inches of heavy wet sloppy snow....and now rain.  So of course dh cleared his morning calendar and is at the mountain.  LOL

Had overnight oats for breakfast (froze the last 1 C of the blueberry milk before it goes south).  Lunch will be leftovers.  Dinner....a new restaurant opened last night...and I so want to try.  Should be easy to convince dh.

A crossfit workout and piano practice.

And bills....dh got paid.  First paycheck of the year means I have to go in and readjust everything to the new I'll spend sometime doing that.

Not sure what else....I'll putter the day away.  I have some steaming to do. And some spot cleaning to do.  Pulled out a new puzzle to start.  And I'll go freezer diving for the next contestant...