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Monday, January 23rd - To Do

Started Jan-23 by scapermom; 103 views.

From: scapermom


What’s the list for today?

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From: scapermom


Rainy Monday…  perfect for getting the house back in order

started the weekly home blessing - bed stripped, table & towels replaced, kitchen surfaces sanitized. Remainder of tasks with flylady at 11

laundry going, dog went out but isn’t hungry, kitchen in progress

DD is back at school soI’ll start on cleaning & closing up her areas 

DH is on jury duty this week 

Zone mission in the Master closet is to declutter the top shelf 

Yoga flow for exercise

need to finish updating the planner

will I get to call the eye doctor today?

should probably also call my sister

put in a misfit order

hamburger stew for dinner

watch last nights episode of The Last of Us before I get spoiled


From: friedchickn


Dumping more snow....of course, dh is at the mountain.

Breakfast was the last 1/2 a waffle, leftover scrambled eggs, some cheese I found in the freezer, the last of the fresh red pepper...all combined into a breakfast sandwich.  Should be plenty of fuel for my workout in a bit.

Totally don't want to workout...but I finally have the scale going in the right direction again....sooooo....

Lunch...dh will probably have a quesadilla.  I cooked up some chorizo to add into things

Dinner...playing it by ear....might end up at the chinese restaurant, might not...took out steak tips and I'll be making some stuffing and pulled out roasted squash from teh freezer.

Freezer is starting to look pretty good...but everything that's left is gonna be a struggle.  LOL

Usually Monday tasks...gather all the used linens, towels, clothes and I'll start laundry after I work out.  Receipts, bills, emails and week money.  Water all the plants.

piano practice

and then off to Boggle with my ladies!