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Wednesday, January 25th - To Do

Started Jan-25 by scapermom; 92 views.
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From: scapermom


Can’t believe I slept so late

Morning routine rolling along - dog is out enjoying the cold, laundry doing it’s thing and after the 3 loads yesterday mount washmore is now just a tiny hill

Kitchen will be up next 

sore from the three 4 minute workouts yesterday - this is what I get for slacking on squats. May just do 2 today and a good stretch

Zone mission involves nightstands

it’s wednesday so bills and all that goes with that

Have an aldi list and got the call to pick up meds at CVS

Have an invitation for a party in February that I need to rsvp for - but need to coordinate with mother & sister in law first

owe my sister a call

Thinking sheet pan burgers on the chopped kale salad Igot in Costco for dinner


From: friedchickn


Big day today....gonna try to replace the zipper on a beloved sweatshirt.  I've never done that before so......

Scale is my friend today...which is nice for a change.

Lunch will be leftovers and dinner we are taking my inlaws out.  So I should be good on the food front til tomorrow...

Workouts...a crossfit and a pliability routine.

Piano practice

and cat litter

Kinda a light day I'm sure I'll putter with something.