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Saturday and Sunday, February 4th and 5th - to do

Started Feb-4 by friedchickn; 102 views.
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From: friedchickn


Today feels like a Sunday....

Today is also -20 below with 35 mph wind window has thick ice around the edges.  Our door locks are frozen.  It's just stupid cold outside.  The dog is bored to death!

So.....what's a girl to do

The mountain is closed...they ran yesterday with 1/2 the lifts to help keep staff warm (more switching out).  But today the wind is just crazy and the lifts can't spin at all.  I'm kinda glad cause I know dh and his buddies would have gone if it was and all.

I don't have alot that has to get done this litter and a new weekly list.  Might practice piano a little.  Might even do some taxes....wait...what????

Headed to a free swing class this evening.  Should be a riot.  And a friend might have us all over afterwards for darts and drinks.