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Wednesday, February 22nd - To Do

Started Feb-22 by scapermom; 82 views.

From: scapermom


Start Lent with a list?

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Never made it back here yesterday - started the day with DD & her roommate drama and that got me way off course. One of the roomies is turning out to be a genuine psycho bitch…DDs handling it but she needed to vent and by vent I mean cry…sigh

On to today - morning routine underway, dog done, laundry’s going and kitchen started

I’ll listen to DDs radio show while doing the rest of my tasks

zone mission is cleaning out old makeup

it’s wednesday, so I’ll do bills and what goes with that.

Try for 10 on the tax packet

need to check when the dog’s due for her meds and my next hair appointment

15 min walk at home

Should check sales & make a grocery list 

dog walk when DH comes home later

really need to at least clean off the old nail polish - looking pretty ratty

check in with my sister 

took out salmon for tonight’s dinner