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Monday, May 8th - To Do

Started May-8 by scapermom; 91 views.
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From: scapermom


Monday & morning routines underway - bed stripped, towels & linens replaced, surfaces sanitized, laundry started & dog done 

rest of the flylady tasks at 11 ish

we should be in zone 2 this week - the kitchen. First mission is to scrub the stove top 

habit is 15 mins of movement & will continue working toward that on the elliptical 

dog walk at some point

want to check out what the nursery has if it’s open today and start my planting

Quick grocery shop

update planner for the week

still want to get to the dollar store 

firm up plans for moving out DD - need to do 2 trips or maybe 2 cars

Dinner is on my own, so whatever I scrounge up from leftovers or maybe breakfast for dinner?