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Tuesday, May 16th - To Do

Started May-16 by scapermom; 84 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


Feeling pretty groggy even tho I had a good nights sleep last night - went to bed with a sinus headache - may need to start taking the Allegra again 

DH drove up at the crack of dawn to get a load of stuff from DD’s apartment since her car won’t hold it all

I’ve started morning routine of dog, laundry & kitchen - dishwasher needs unloading

leftover tasks from yesterday include trash collecting and shining mirrors/doors

today’s zone missions are to shine tub/shower and organize/declutter shoes 

I have a hair appointment at 11 

dog walk 


took chicken thighs out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner


From: friedchickn


Drugged myself good last night and slept from 10 til almost 8.  Would have slept longer....but dh was out and the kitten started crying.  So I got up and got on with my day.

Not that I've gotten much done...

The kitten is currently sleeping on dh while he does some calls.  She likes Zoom apparently.  So I'm trying to get receipts and emails done...before moving on to bills.  I need the coffee to kick in for that.

Working out at noon.  Ugghhhh

Picking up some life jackets I got on marketplace at 3

Hoping to get to the grocery store and to start (and finish) one more load of laundry.

Just not killing myself to get anything done today.  I'm tired.  I need a break


From: friedchickn


I have to get back on the flylady wagon....