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Wednesday, May 17th - To Do

Started May-17 by scapermom; 94 views.
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From: scapermom


So I’ve banned the dog from upstairs since she had an accident up in the carpeted hall last week, all down the hall actually, at 3am and of course i was the one, the only one, to wake up and clean it up. So this morning at around 5 i hear banging on the gate we have on the steps and it’s her - i didn’t know what she wanted but was hoodwinked to open the gate and she came flying up the steps and into the bedroom - but luckily she just went to sleep tho I kept an eye on her for a bit but finally fell back to sleep at some point

 On to today’s list! Morning routine - laundry is started - probably going to do a few loads today since DD sent home a frakta full, but first doing my stuff. 

Dog was out & had her food, kitchen started but more to do after coffee

zone missions are to check bathroom supplies and toss what I can in the other room

i’ll try to hit aldi early - need to get stuff for DH lunch & dinner tomorrow at work & some extra veggies

Its my day to do bills & what goes with that - have been lax on uploading receipts

elliptical day - have made to to 5 mins+ on easy mode - playing music helps - need to read the manual to see how to change modes

have some calls to make

took steak tips out of the freezer & thinking of some sort of stew? In the instant pot with them - have to look up recipes