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Thursday, May 18th - To Do

Started May-18 by scapermom; 129 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine underway - dog & laundry at least, kitchen tbd

zone missions are to toss old cosmetics and do a 15 min declutter in the extra room

have leftover bills from yesterday and need to finish filing

a few calls to make

arm workout & maybe some time on the bike

started on the laundry pile DD sent home and will continue on that 

Invited by my sister in laws for dinner. May need to make a pizza with flour I can eat, so need to look up recipes. Think I remember seeing one topped with pesto chicken which sounded good


From: friedchickn


OMG this kitten is killing my routine....LOL

Got up early and went to Pilates at 8:15.  I was starving 1/2 way through.  Came home and had my overnight oats, dealt with the kitten and tried to finalize my notes for the book committee...if you haven't yet read A court of Thorns and must.  It's 5 books and Hulu is turning it into series.

I got a book I'm supossed to read for next week Checkout 19....ugghhh.  Homework.

Made up the cornbread waffles....added cheese and spicy sausage to the batter so they're savory and delightful.  That was lunch for me.

Then everyone settled down for a rest.  Both cats slept on me and the dog reluctantly slept at my feet....just took him for a short walk and he's off in his lair again.  Kitten is still asleep on teh chair...wasn't sure that was gonna work, but I'm happy to get a few things done while she naps.

Vet appt for the kitten at 3;30.

I'll practice piano when I get back and fold yesterday's laundry....

Then it's off to Buti Yoga.  Nachos for dinner!


From: scapermom


That sounds familiar- will have to check for the books at my library