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Monday, May 22nd - To Do

Started May-22 by scapermom; 88 views.
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From: scapermom


New week underway - morning routine going with dog out & fed, laundry started & kitchen tbd- have to unload dishwasher 

Started weekly home blessing with bed stripped, towels & table linens replaced - rest of the tasks later

new mission zone is the master bedroom and mission today is spend 15 minutes under the bed

have to update my planner

need to continue to chip away at DD’s laundry & stuff all over

dd has a zoom interview at 1 with a gaming company for a remote internship that I’ll help prep her for

Wanted to go shop for veggie plants at the local nursery

really should check if I signed up for this years csa but really think I forgot to since i haven’t hear anything from them yet and feel like I usually start to get stuff by this time

think my movement will be yoga today 

had defrosted a small lamb roast to make yesterday but we went to my inlaws instead so I’ll make that today 


From: friedchickn


First week after a boat weekend....oh the lists I have....

First things first...breakfast, kitchen cleanup.  We have chicken salad leftovers for lunch.  

Then we trekked out to go get my yogurt and cheese from the goat lady.

Worked out, changed the cat litters (etc) and showered

Just finished doing receipts and a check statement....that'll basically be it til I get back from lunch with the girls.

Then I'm hoping to get the linens changed...and finish emails and bills.  water the plants.

I have a piano lesson at the exact time I have a vet dh is taking the older cat for me....cause I couldn't reschedule either.

Maybe some laundry....