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Wednesday, May 24th-to do list

Started May-24 by friedchickn; 108 views.
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From: friedchickn


Up early....kitten, nuf said.

Dh has a dentist appointment and the cleaning lady is here.  It's raining so no hike with my friend, which is knee is bothering me a bit.  Might take today off from working out....or might just do a light yoga or something.

Need to transfer some of the car sale money to the new car loan.  It'll be the first "payment" so it means setting it all up.

Today is dump day...and I just might.  I know I have chicken scraps in the freezer (yuck).

piano practice

more laundry....should be done with linens, now I have a load of clothes before I try to tackle the winter gear...again.

Maybe a trip to the grocery....maybe not.  Might go tomorrow or Friday early.

Leftovers for lunch.  Dinner with friends tonight


From: scapermom


Waited up for DD to get home from the city last night and then had a girls session looking at her pictures and chatting about her night. Gonna say I didn’t get to bed til after 2, but somehow I’m up - mostly cos of the dog

morning tasks slowly underway - I looked at the washing machine lol, dog’s been out but not fed & kitchen can wait

zone mission is the dressers

its’s wednesday so bills will get done and really need to address receipts - pile is toppling over

should go for groceries but may hold off til tomorrow

window in my car broke out of its hold somehow when DH was using it yesterday - he watched videos & tried to repair but needs parts so now there’s tape holding it in place of it & I’m not to take it on highway jaunts 

dog walk later

thinking of planting my indoor tomato plant outside

I’ll do elliptical today since I did upper body instead yesterday

no idea about dinner, need to rummage through the freezer & I don’t think there’s much left in there