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Tuesday, May 30th-to do

Started May-30 by friedchickn; 103 views.
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From: friedchickn


slept sooooooo well.  Which i ridiculously needed.  The cat did amazing on the boat....but was up most of the evenings...and then i get up at 6 to walk...I napped one day, but not for long.'s a very Monday like Tuesday.

Just finished breakfast...leftovers.  In fact, I brought home an epic amount of leftovers.  There is only one other couple that will eat we typically split em.  They only wanted 1 or 2 things this week cause they're traveling.  So I have fruit and salad, home fries, hash brown casserole, cinnamon rolls, waffles, banana muffins, spanakopita, steak, chicken and a ton of chicken pasta Alfredo.  I don't understand how people won't eat leftovers....

I'm so sore from walking (upwards of 7 miles each day) and pulling lines that I'm taking a break today and will just do a long pliability routine.

And then normal monday stuff....bills, receipts, emails, week money, water the plants.

I did one load of laundry yesterday...I have one more of clothes and then the boat linens.

hubby has a fulllll I have plenty of time to recover a bit.

Season finale of succession to watch tonight


From: scapermom


We hardly ever ate leftovers growing up - my mom always turned up her nose at them and my sister’s family is still that way (except her husband). We eat them all the time and are the recipient of them at most of our gatherings. I’m not sure where it stems from though. Maybe a post depression or post WWII mentality? 


From: scapermom


Morning underway - laundry, dog, kitchen will be bits & pieces with everyone home today

Some Monday tasks left - vacuum & mop 

today’s zone mission is getting rid of things that don’t belong

have some calls 

Amazon return in kohls

spend some time on the elliptical 

dog bowls

water the outside plants

thinking of doing the 30 day hot melt sprint so should prep for that 

I’ll marinate chicken for DH to grill for dinner & will try a zucchini & chick pea recipe for a side dish

almost finished breaking bad last night - only 4 or 5 more episodes


From: friedchickn



We had very few leftovers at my house growing up...2 big eating men made quick work of most things.  But we didn't throw out food....ever.  

It's just so wasteful....I have such a hard time wrapping my head around it.